Studio Berreth is a research-based design practice which explores the dynamic relationship between people and their media, digital technology and the built world.

Led by designer, programmer and licensed architect Todd Berreth, Studio Berreth looks for collaborations with architects and engineers, programmers, artists, industry partners, and researchers from diverse fields.  We design and develop projects which activate architecture or other interfaces with a smart and elegant integration of embedded micro-processors, displays and sensors — to create useful, engaging, and playful environments and experiences, which rethink how we weave media into our lives, artifacts and spaces.


+ interactive environments / reactive installations

+ museums exhibitions

+ ui / ux consultation

+ visualization and virtual reality facility design

+ architectural-scale and pervasive digital displays

+ human-computer interface design (tangibles, multi-touch, body tracking, augmented reality)

+ architectural facade design and media branding

+ generative art

+ performance and theater new media collaborations

+ architectural projection

+ corporate media marquees and centerpieces / event marketing

+ interactive data visualization

+ private commissions


Todd Berreth

402 Bolin Creek Dr

Carrboro, NC 27510