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Studio Berreth | Supermoon, Supersaturated
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Supermoon, Supersaturated


Chapel Hill, NC


2nd Annual Shimmer Festival of Lights


February 2017

Architectural Projection, Art, Berreth Studio, Installation, Interactive, Interface, Software
About This Project


“Supermoon, Supersaturated” was an interactive large-scale projection mapping, exhibited at an exterior site in downtown Chapel Hill, NC, USA for the Shimmer Light Festival 2017. This piece visually replicates the 2017 Supermoon phenomena (a particularly large full moon), adding a poetic interaction with the heavenly body.  


Here, users are able to pour water into the reflected image of the moon, which fills up the moon in the sky.  The moon goes through periodic cycles of filling saturation, dripping on the building below, and eventual bursting with a resulting waterfall.  For this installation, an added element is text which floats in the moon’s water, the words randomly selected from lists representing the unique anxieties of early 2017. These works then fall with the water, onto the building and street below, a catharsis of sorts when the fall occurs.


keywords: computational art, projection mapping