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Studio Berreth | Strata of Loss
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Strata of Loss


April 2017

Berreth Studio, Generative, Installation, Interactive, Museum, Software, Visualization
About This Project

generative video, custom software written in C++/OpenGL/OpenFrameworks, digital video/audio/3d source material. (captured stills from software)


“Strata of Loss” explores aspects of programmed mechanic creativity via a generative computational system. The work draws on a database of video and audio materials and digital stills, that are algorithmically edited together, combined, recombined and processed in an ongoing autonomous manner, via custom authored software (written in C++/OpenGL/OpenFrameworks).


The work includes libraries of imagery from America’s urban and industrial past as well as its rural and pastoral origins, with hazards suggesting current environmental, social and political uncertainty. The generated abstract sequences, explore our ability to imagine catastrophic scenarios and be immobilized by every recombinant fear, and our tendency to retreat to and receive solace from a constructed image of the past.


Todd Berreth, 2017