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Studio Berreth | Bombastic, Fantastic (Seoul Brothers)
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Bombastic, Fantastic (Seoul Brothers)


December 01, 2017

Architectural Projection, Art, Berreth Studio, Installation, Interactive, Interface, Museum, Software
About This Project

computational art, projection mapping


“Bombastic, Fantastic (Seoul Brothers)” was an interactive large-scale projection mapping, exhibited on a building wall in the courtyard in front of the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh, NC (CAM Raleigh).


It was the second in a series of Pachinko-themed art pieces completed by Todd Berreth and Pat Fitzgerald.


This piece addresses the political crisis and standoff between North Korean president Kim Jong-in and United States president Donald Trump in 2017, and a bit of the precariousness, ridiculousness and jingoistic nature of the conflict.


The Pachinko Series are a collection of large-scale interactive digital art installations, created by Todd Berreth and Pat Fitzgerald.