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Studio Berreth | By Synthetic Symmetries
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By Synthetic Symmetries


April 2019

Art, Berreth Studio, Generative, Software
About This Project


custom software written in C++/OpenGL/OpenFrameworks, and Python/DeOldify. digital image source material. (captured stills from software)


“By Synthetic Symmetries” collages 1950’s and 60’s interior electronics, circuitry and computers, modern architecture and autopsy photos, to create Frankenstein-like imagery, and explore the symmetries between artificial and real intelligence, robots and humans.


Custom software edits together a database of images,  via a flocking algorithm which copies scan lines of the source images to a common canvas, on an endless generative loop.  Evocative though transient compositions emerge and disappear.


The inputs were all black and white photographs, this was my first experiment with playing with Generative Adversarial Networks, which autonomously colorized the assembled images.


Todd Berreth, 2019